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Borrower’s guide

Table of Contents

Why comparing?

Here you can compare the properties of almost 40 carefully selected lenders within sms loans and payday loans. This is not just a short-term personal loans but also the occasional larger loans with in the mix so that it will fit as many as possible You can filter out the desired loan amount and the repayment period. There are many less small loans with variable time span of repayment and the varying needs of the borrowing requirement from but you can actually borrow everything from single one hundred pieces to upwards of 500 000 kr. All existing loans here are without collateral requirements which usually is defined as private loans.

This site I created with an ambition to be really good to find sms and instant loans. I wanted to come up with an alternative that was like the others but a bit nicer, a bit more useful, perhaps a little better selection for you to borrow money. Here I hope to be able to collect all the good and cheap fast loans (as well as the SMS loans) for many Swedish citizens. A dream scenario would be that I succeed well here and maybe I even expand to the whole of the Nordic region.

You are also welcome to my blog where I’m writing lyrics which, inter alia, will focus on selected loan business, with tips on how to save money, how to declare false invoices and more. This is not just a site for those who want to borrow money, it is a resource with valuable information about the economy that might be worth reading before you decide to take out a loan. I’m working on getting the loan experts and other writers who keep running here, hopefully I take regularly in new lenders and update you with new interesting posts or texts.

Apply here easily!

First of all, I would like to point out that it is very easy to implement an application. In many cases, the money made available almost immediately. This may differ depending on the bank, but here you need absolutely no worries about bureaucratic or cumbersome application processes. Everything is managed easily online. You do not need to sign the physical paper or similar. In many cases, you are granted automatically if you only are credit worthy.

First and foremost, you need to choose a loan in the list and pressing one of these buttons:

Click on this video that explains how to do this at Zmarta.

The application process is more or less the same in all our other lenders.

You can apply to multiple lenders

The answer is Yes. You can apply for more credit, with several lenders and several times. The crucial factor here is how prosperous you are, as a customer, but also several other things which you may only have a single payment notes (or none at all!) and you must not have liabilities of the bailiff and almost never go on debt restructuring. Regarding the right debt relief, there are exceptional circumstances, but the basic principle is that only apply to the above lenders, mortgage companies or banks if you have the ability to pay. You earn 100 000 per month and has a great Economist, then no either come and say that you are not allowed to take an Instant loan now if you, for some reason, the thought of doing it.

Price comparison for payday loans

When you think about the concept of price comparison might you think about sites like Pricespy or Pricerunner. You compare instant loans on this page which is a different thing than traditional price comparison. What is different here is well mainly to compare different kinds of data. At eg. Bounty hunting, you see things like pricing, reviews and links. There are special tabs where you go through the different properties of the product in question. Is there a TV bench, for example, it is things like the dimensions, length, size and material, but compare to instant loans are things like interest rates, loan amounts, conditions and age limits that come into play.

The traditional services for price comparison is best for those who are going to buy traditional products such as electronics or appliances. This page is better if you are going to apply for payday loans. There are more good websites where you compare smslån , but far from all offer an equally good and efficient service.

Why this is a great service!

There are several other reputable lenders and comparison pages on the market where you can borrow £ 30000 but unfortunately is far from all equally serious. I talked recently with an expert who has been a teacher at IHM Business School in digital marketing and in retrospect, also an economist at the Stockholm School of economics. The former criticized my choice of niche because it is one of the “dirtiest legal industries”, not only in economics but in General along with gambling and possibly the financial industry. I think not having to be so! Just like many other things in life, it’s what you make it … People are within some reasonable frames free people. If you want to make a serious or unserious website?

I’m not looking to inflame the borrower in any way, my goal is to provide information on their own responsibility, risks and other ethical issues. My goal is to build a user-friendly and reputable site where you can compare the best instant loans for which hopefully make a good and informed choice; this is a site that I want to exclude the ugly and unethical tricks. Is it really possible!? I think it actually. You do not have to be unserious and fool people just because a particular industry has a bad reputation, at the same time, the industry get to exist as an alternative to those who do not want or can dance after the traditional big banks ‘ pipe. Is an ‘ instant loans ‘ bad for just everyone and just all the selection groups in all situations? If you ask a budget and debt Advisor with bad experiences so perhaps Yes. You ask anyone who has taken such a credit so you will find probably right a lot of people who would not regret their choice, and that is not drawn up debts or a problem.

Anyway, you will find certainly not so very many other sites with the same approach as was I. Therefore, I think that you should apply for a loan right here and not with any of its competitors. Another very important for you that the end customer is that I have a rather large variety of loans, not just with very short maturities. I have a duration which begins in just a few days, but also stretching many years. Maybe you are looking for something really fast, or something less quickly. What is fast, anyway? It is up to you! Most loans here are very fast in comparison with conventional loans but I complement the therefore the range with a little longer durations and with varied amounts and other properties as well. I have been a little more choice than many others and I have excluded a number of advertisers that I believe is inappropriate and too frivolous. I only have the proper, legal and reasonably established lenders here!

I created this site because I had debts, because I saw a lack of other advertisers, therefore, I would like to try to do something more and something a bit better on my way. I wanted to create a different service with that little extra simply … You should of course apply where it makes the most sense for you! I think not that you should select my page just because I myself have a (genuine) is of the opinion that it is the best. That’s just my own recommendation and you do as you wish.

A smaller amount goes to charity

As some think it is “unethical” with small loans in Sweden, I want to be better than others. When I manage to achieve 10 loans granted a day on average, a longer period of time (6-12 months) I will add 5% to charity and other good causes. When I get to 100 loans granted a day on average, total on all my sites for loans, I will donate 10% to charity. This as long as my earnings. This allows me to be a good human being and maintain high ethical standards.

It is a typical example of that I would be a little better than others. It is also a reason for those borrowers to consider an instant loans with me and not with someone else who might burn the Benjamins at Stureplan, pan for Champagne. I have more respect for money than that, and also respect for you that borrows money from me. The money goes to charity and good things so you can apply it with a good conscience. I will, of course, to account for this in the blog when it (hopefully) become relevant.

Defintions of Loans 

A few examples:


Payday Loans

This is a type of micro-credit, where you borrow using your phone’s SMS feature. SMS stands for Short Message Service and I believe that all readers are well aware of what it is … In the past, it was common to just sent a simple SMS and was able to borrow a certain amount. Today it is used as part of the process to verify your identity with BankID. You could say that the technology has evolved from being hazardous to safer.

Business loans

This is a loan that’s for companies. The company may need to finance everything from purchase or conversion and extension of buildings, the purchase of goods, machinery and equipment. There have also been complaints that individuals with, for example, felt compelled to take a microloan, then man did not receive an investment loan granted by a bank.

What are payday loans precisely?

Instant loans which is also usually defined as SMS loan is a type of loan that goes quickly. Major banks have similar loan forms. They are often referred to as private loans. SEB has a counterpart called it “small loan” and they are more examples from a number of big banks. I have previously written in the FAQ to instant loans are controversial subject, which has a solid history and a bad reputation. Today, it is not nearly as bad as it has been for several years ago. Politicians and the financial supervisory authority has implemented legislative changes so that the loans become much more serious than many might think. There are many websites that compare SMS loans, so this is not the only one but hopefully it’s one of the better.

The amount you may borrow can vary significantly but is also dependent on how much you earn (the economy) and the requirements of the lender. We compare the loans it can borrow anything from a few hundred to several hundred thousand dollars. A refund should be made within an x number of days but usually they do not extend longer than a few months. It’s also why they are called the instant loans. But of course there are exceptions, as in much else … You can occasionally borrow up to 10 -15 years.

A few tips:

  • Select an amount that works for you and what you are supposed to borrow at.
  • Be sure that you really can and will have time to pay on time.
  • Select a lender that you think feels interesting listed above and then click the “apply now”.
  • Fill and/or attach the required application process.
  • Are you approved, you will receive your payment within the stipulated time frame.

A descent selection of lenders

As I said, I have written in the FAQ to instant loans is controversial, and that it has, according to some people a bad name. I have mentioned that it is a lot of responsibility, do not take an instant loans if you are careless or are at risk of falling into a debt trap. You will absolutely be able to take these types of loans without problem. According to Dagens Industri, so if you want to also put an interest rate cap. Nor is it the first regulation carried out, far from it. You don’t have to feel insecure in any way when you borrow this …
Why quality matters for both of us

This site is protected by SSL. A cerfikat is something to install on their site from a known and established security companies, often the same that offers antivirus. It can for example. be Symantec offers Norton, and there may be other similar companies also. This type of addition means in practice that the traffic (connection) between my site and visitors is encrypted. This makes it nearly impossible (very difficult) to intercept traffic between your computer and in addition to this, so I use the latest and most up to date and probably safest version of WordPress.

I have a serious hosting company that cares more about security than many other hosting companies do. The application process is carried out also in the lenders you choose, so neither I nor anyone else can see anything of the actual application. You can feel very confident as a borrower when making the price comparison of instant loans here.

Why not ordinary loans?

It still feels insecure in any way? Do you feel like you want to take a much larger loans, or would you avoid high interest rate? Then I would like to inform you about other service where you can compare regular bank loans on this site. But watch out when several of these are also not entirely serious. Keep in mind that I offer many different loan, even with a longer maturity. Upwards of 15 years at most, actually … Does not fit you?

You should be aware that it can be much harder to get a a regular bank loans. There are set requirements for reimbursements, and a regular human bank teller investigates whether there is enough reasonable that you should be granted based on your financial circumstances. Do you take an Instant loan however, you can get the money (up to a few hundred thousand dollars) at your fingertips, without waiting for the long drop times or similar. You can’t always make a regular bank. Loans without UC or with notes are, in principle, entirely out of the question with a bank loan, regardless of where this can in some cases be negotiable but it tends to be much more difficult.

Ethics and responsibility

Once again, it’s a lot about being “adult”, that is to say, the festa do not remove money. Many people do not take their responsibility. A good example of this is the disabled individuals. The consequence of being disabled, and does not understand its own best when taking a lot of loans is that you can get a Manager. But then, it should be very strong reasons, feel free to try to cooperate with a godman in the first place. However, it is considered necessary so can measures be implemented even if it’s very intervention … It does not have to be a severe handicap that down syndrome. It has, for example, milder autism, diagnosed depression or other mental illness, so can this measure be implemented.

Other adults or adult individuals should also assume their responsibility of course. But would you fall into a debt trap as you find it difficult to get yourself out of there almost always solutions, if debts are not damages for criminal activity or similar. You can collect your debts in a master loan for example. Are you really stumped … maybe you have debts on multi-million and see no way out. You may not be able to repay your debts at a 10-year period? There is an end to it too … which in short is called debt relief and can be applied for with the bailiff. But it often takes longer than a master loan. It will take 5 years, and there have been to borrowers themselves had to pay a large part of the debt. This is entirely dependent on what you earn and income … Maximum ceiling is about 12 000 kr, so it is a bit higher than what you are entitled to receive from the Welfare Office.

Remember … no other than you must suffer the consequences for your actions if you choose to ignore a repayment. You will regret it. Believe me.

What could you need money for?

You might need money for a lots of things…

Good examples:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Damaged property
  • Dental- or healthcare
  • To get a revenue

Poor examples:

  • Shopping for money you won’t be able to pay back
  • Casino, Poker, Slots and betting
  • For drugs, alcohol or food addictions
  • Illegal goods or services